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Vocabulary builder Vocabilis Mutilingual automates your language studies
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25 January 2013

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Communication is important everywhere and you need is to have a good vocabulary to make your point clear and clearly convey your thoughts. Have you ever thought that how strong your vocabulary is? Do you need to improve your vocabulary and are you searching for something that can help you with this? If you are, then you can try Vocabilis Multilingual 3.1. The software provides you with text-to-speech function that helps you to improve the vocabulary in various languages. It provides step-by-step scheme to learn the words and includes various languages. It improves your vocabulary with the help of the multiple choice, spelling and flash cards exercises. Set the transcriptions, tips and comments. The software enables you to add large number of words of your own to the vocabularies with the help of the editor. It also provides you with the ability to configure the settings to make it work according to your requirements.

Vocabilis Multilingual 3.1 is a great utility to use and it does not require you to keep on murmuring the words trying to remember them. The software shows you three types of choices to start remembering the words. The middle screen shows the original word in the language and options for the translated words in the selected language. You need to select one and the program shows whether the selection was right or wrong. The statistics related to your progress is shown on the right side of the program. Make your pronunciation better and clear by clicking on the program’s text to speech feature. You can add new words of your own to increase the words with the program. The process that it provides to the users supports easy memorizing of words. Change the settings for the program such as the two preset settings; Drilling and Brushing Up.

Vocabilis Multilingual 3.1 helps you improve your vocabulary and it is worth using for the people learning foreign languages as the software supports learning words from various languages. For the smooth functioning and the user friendly features it has been given 4 rating points.

Publisher's description

Vocabilis is a flashcard vocabulary builder with text-to-speech abilities that automates your language studies. It is primarily meant to be used by those who need to build a strong vocabulary when learning a language such as Russian French, Spanish, German, Italian, and others.
You can learn ready-made word lists or make an unlimited number of your own vocabularies with the included editor.
Vocabilis can pronounce any words or phrases in 8 languages: Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Dutch, English and Portuguese.
Vocabilis features a 2 phase learning scheme which greatly enhances the program's effectiveness. Phase One helps you commit vocabulary to short-term memory, while Phase Two, that makes use of a spaced repetition system, ensures that you never forget what you have learned at Phase One.
This scheme is suitable for learning both short and long word list.
You don't have to spend too much time using Vocabilis to get good results. If used on a daily basis, Vocabilis enables the learner to easily memorize 500-600 words (expressions, phrases, terms, dates, etc.) within a month's time, while only working with the program for 15 minutes a day at the most.
For each learning stage you can choose between 3 exercises ('Multiple Choice', 'Cards', 'Spelling') and you can also set many other options according to your liking and/or your memory's performance.
Vocabilis Multilingual
Vocabilis Multilingual
Version 12.3
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